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Photo - 1000058
Photo by chasm
🕐 01-29-24 17:52JT wrote:
I really like this. Something ghostly about it.
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Photo - 1000055
🕐 01-19-24 11:48JT wrote:
Yikes! looks cold. I am tired of the freezing rain and snow. Can't wait for spring !
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Photo 1000047
Photo by JT
🕐 01-07-24 15:59JT wrote:
Sir, can I have some please?
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Photo - 1000040
Photo by kasper6188
🕐 12-06-23 18:20kasper6188 wrote:
JT wrote:
Is this straight out of camera jpg with the B&W setting? If so, I am very impressed. Tones look great.

Thanks! Tone was tweaked a little in LR but nothing major.
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Photo - 1000035
Photo by kasper6188
🕐 12-06-23 18:12JT wrote:
Wow. This is awesome. Love that rendering. Truly impressive.
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Photo - 1000026
Photo by mindblast
🕐 10-28-23 22:56JT wrote:
Impressive stitching. Nice exposure and saturation across the frame.

I like it!
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Photo 1000020
Photo by mindblast
🕐 10-26-23 17:25mindblast wrote:
I’m pretty impressed with the camera, the image quality is pretty clean. I got the ZF for it’s beautiful retro look, but the technical features are amazing. The EVF is very nice, plenty fast and accurate colors despite the specs.
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